• Install BEFApp.

  • Make "Your Registration" and make "Your requests" using the form on this page or directly on the App.

  • Use of Jotform services.

  • Go on your own.

Install BEF App

Operations you can carry out with the App

  • scan the QR code on the table at each BEF Point

  • register if not already done on the site

  • request your souvenir certificate, or a new travel card

  • view the list of BEF Points ​

Scan the QR code and install the application on the Home screen of your smartphone.

Jotform servizi

Why we use JotForm

Jotform is a powerful online application that allows us to automate operations:

  • receiving and sending confirmation of Registration.

  • check pass with QR code scan

  • I send a souvenir certificate and a travel card (including the new).

Why is Jotform safe?

"Ensuring the privacy and security of your data is very important to us. You have no reason to worry, knowing that we take every precaution to provide a service with high level security."


Support WWB Asd

The social activities of WWB Asd in the bicycle sector, in favor of particular initiatives such as the purchase of the tandem to ride with visually impaired champions, and to raise awareness on different skills.

Go on your own  
tell us your experience  
and the  we will post.

Have fun with BEF!