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Bikeenofod-BEF Veneto 2021-2022

Following the stop in Villafranca, at the Scaligero Castle, the inauguration of Bikeenofood-BEF Veneto was completed in the best possible way. The lunch was attended by a large group of cyclists who, in their passion for cycling among the beauties of the area, do not disdain good typical local food ... this is the right spirit that animates the Bikeenofood initiative of WWB Asd of Verona.

The symbolic departure took place today in front of Palazzo Barbieri, in Piazza Bra, with the presence for the WWB Asd of the president Andrea Zanrossi and of the creator and organizer Ercole Malavasi, and greeted by the Decentralization Councilor Marco Padovani, great supporter of the sustainable mobility.

"This initiative has a cultural, social and sporting value - said the councilor Padovani -. It is also a starting point for cycling tourism. This official departure proves that, even in the world of cycle tourism, there is a desire to go back to doing activities. Even in cycling, as in running, much attention is paid to the ecological side ".

The three itineraries A, B, C, valid for two calendar years as registration, cross the Venetian provinces to encourage sport in nature, with the use of bicycles and cycle paths, on dirt and / or dirt roads. Cyclists certify with stamp or QR code scanner, their passage at the affiliated facilities that they will contact directly for any request regarding hospitality.

WWB thanks all the participants, the UISP Veneto and Verona Report for the shooting.

We are waiting for you. For information

The next cycling tourism initiative of the WWB association will be BEF Bèlo Veneto, which will involve only the province of Verona.

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