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Stop and experience the local food and wine cultures.

Each BEF Point is available for check pass, with the usual welcome services and some of them even with basic bike assistance.

Tracks guide gps

Are provided after registration, in the.gpx format, circulars, of variable length and type of surface, with the least amount of kilometers on standard roads/asphalt.

When crossing some historic centers of great interest and in busy areas, we always recommend the utmost attention and compliance with safety regulations.


The viability of the itineraries is constantly monitored.
To solve a a eventual road conditions for unforeseeable reasons:
- We reserve the right to change the guide tracks at any time,  that will be communicated on the site in the single track concerned.
- If the change of road conditions that arose at sudden, we invite you to report it, as do other "your colleagues".

Check pass

Your stop at our BEF Points you want.

Swing by the differents “BEF check points” where you enjoy a stop-and-taste experience, the local hospitality, and validate your experience.

Validate your pass.
With stamp on the travel card and/or with QR code on plate at the BEF Point displayed.

The plate at the BEF Point near the entrance.

The travel card you receive by registering.

The new travel card request it after 18 stamps.

Your Certificate with your goal: 6/12/18 stamps/scans.


Always get the certificate if you want, and make check passe at different BEF Points, with stamps or scans:

  • No. 6 - Bronze

  • No. 12  - Silver

  • No. 18  - Gold

Your journey WITH or WITHOUT app


It is recommended but not mandatory to install the app to easily manage operations:

registration - check pass - travel report A,B,C – request of certificate and new travel card.


-Register on the website

- Carry out the check pass with stamps on the Travel Card and request the certificate specifying Name and Surname

-Send the travel card image <stamps section>.

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