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Stop and experience the local culture


BEF formula--stop and experience the local culture
Each gps-guided trail with WP of BEF points where you are free to validate the passage and taste the proposed typical menu; each BEF Point is available for passage attestation, with the usual reception services and some of them also with first aid bike assistance.

Check pass
Spontaneously attest passage at any BEF Point you want, with stamp on Travel Card and/or by reading QR code on table displayed near the entrance.
- BEF Point table near the entrance for QRcode scanning.
- Travel Card you receive at registration for manager's stamps.
- Souvenir certificate with your goal achieved: 6/12/18 stamps/scans.
- New travel card you request it after nr. 18 stamps.
Note: You can enjoy a pleasant tasting stop of the agreed "local typical proposal" in addition to the usual hospitality.

Always get the certificate, if you want, make check passes at different BEF Points, with stamps and/or scans:
Nr. 6 - Bronze
Nr. 12 - Silver
No. 18 - Gold

Gps guide tracks
Following registration you receive gps guide tracks in .gpx format, 
They are circular, of varying length and type of bottom, with as few kilometers of asphalt as possible.
We always recommend the utmost care and observance of safety rules when crossing some historic centers, which are of certain interest, and in busy areas.

The practicability of the routes is constantly monitored, if t
he changes due to unforeseeable causes:
- We reserve the right to change sections of the route at any time, which will be communicated on the site in the individual track concerned;
- If the variation arisen in extremis, please report it, as other "your colleagues" do.

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