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Your trip

Your trip WITH or WITHOUT the app.


- Your Registration

You are already registered on the site go to "Check pass".
- Check pass

At each different BEF Point, sends QR code reading, and/or send the photo of the stamp section (travel card) only when you have reached your pass goal No. 6/12/18.
- Certificate

Request personal certificate, tour report (A/B/C) included.

Use is recommended but not mandatory.
By registering to use the app, you agree to "terms and conditions."

Install the app​​

  • QR code scan and install on your smartphone home screen.

  • Open the links .


App won't open?

Solve by clearing the cache or wiping the app's data.

No confirmation email? 

Also check spam for the email of successful registration..

How to read the QR code?

Geolocation must be active on your smartphone.


  • Register on the site.

  • Stop free at each BEF point for check pass no. 6/12/18.

  • Request the certificate by sending the <stamp section> image of the travel card. Specify Name and Surname. 


We use the application with Jotform forms to automate operations related to your trip, such as registration, QR code scan, trip reports, material submission.

Why is Jotform safe?

"Ensuring the privacy and security of your data is very important to us. You have no reason to worry, knowing that we take every precaution to provide a service with high level security."

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