Go when and how many times you want within the two-year deadline, in addition to

9 trails
7 provinces

Bike tourism and Bikepacking self supported, mostly on dirt roads, with check pass to each BEF Point, which can be the reason for a pleasant tasting of the "tipical proposal at cyclist".
Gravel or front mtb, the level of physical effort low-medium-high based to chosen tracks.

The territories crossed are of extraordinary interest

The tracks guide gps circulars

The following map images may not faithfully reflect the real route of the itineraries, if eventual sudden restrictions have occurred that have imposed the variation of some sections/passages.

The itineraries are arranged in a clockwise direction starting from the BEF Point near the Porta Nuova FS (VR), to facilitate arrivals by train, but of course you can choose track point for departure and direction.

Discover the details of tracks by click on letters and numbers.

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BEF Point

The tables are displayed near the entrance.


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You can go with your guiding tracks whenever and as many times as you want by two-years.